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Sodium propionate
Sodium propionate
Detailed description

1. Chemical Name:           Sodium propionate

2. Molecular Formula :    CH3CH2COONa

3. Molecular Weight:        96.06

4. CAS:      137-40-6    

5. Character:  It is white crystalline powder , odorless, slight bitter.  It has strong moisture absorption and highly dissolves in water.

6. Usage: Used as preservative. To mold, yeast and has a wide range of antibacterial effects   

7. Packing:  It is packed with polythene bag as inner layer and polywoven bag as the outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.

8. Storage and Transport:    It should be stored in a dry, clean and ventilative warehouse, and kept away from water and moisture during transport, unloaded with care as to avoid damage to bags. Be cautious to keep away from moisture and hot.