Manganese sulfate monohydrate
Manganese sulfate monohydrate
Detailed description

1.Chemical Name :  Manganese sulphate

2.Molecular Formula :  MnSO4·H2O

3.Molecular Weight :   169.02

4.CAS :  10034-96-5

5.Character : It is pale pink, granular powder. It is freely soluble in water, but insoluble   in alcohol, odorless. The relative density is 2.95. It starts loss crystal water when heated higher than 200℃, loss all crystal water when 280℃,and can be salt melt anhydrous when 700℃;Decomposing when 800℃ and will have insoluble back residue called Mn3O4 ,totally decompose in 1150℃

6.Usage :  Nutrient supplement(manganese fortifier)

7.Packing: It is packed with plastic bag as inner layer, and a compound plastic woven bag as the outer layer. The net weight of each bag is 25kg.

8.Storage and Transport : It should be stored in a dry and ventilating warehouse, kept away from water and moisture during transport, unloaded with care so as to avoid damage to bags. Furthermore, it should be stored separately from poisonous substances.